Troubleshooting method of crane failure to move

Published: 2023-04-28 79 Font size

Crane is an important equipment in engineering construction and occupies an important position in the work. But because of its work intensity, long labor time, sometimes easy to appear part of the problem, when the problem should cause the attention of the operator, to avoid the occurrence of engineering accidents. For the problem of engineering accidents is also the topic that most people pay more attention to, here the crane can not move to do a simple introduction.

Under the influence of a variety of factors, the crane may not be able to move, one of the most simple is the power failure. Therefore, it is necessary to check the crane line in a similar situation to see if there is a serious brush wear, uneven conduit joint, single electrical guide and rail connection unreasonable phenomenon. If there is, you need to replace the roller or guide and brush, and reconnect the guide rail to make it meet the requirements, it is best to choose a double guide, to prevent the occurrence of problems.

Find out the cause of the fault, to be able to solve the fault better, effectively ensure the safe operation of the crane, a more comprehensive understanding of the crane equipment, if you have other information you want to know, please continue to pay attention to us.