Crane manufacturers analyze the optimization design of new gantry crane

Published: 2023-04-28 79 Font size

Lifting mechanism main design components include pulley, wire rope, winding device (drum), driving device (motor) and transmission device (reducer). The following describes the functions of each component.

1. Now the flow of the wire rope of the new intelligent gantry crane is mainly changed by the wire rope, and now it is combined into several pulley groups to work, which can make the operation more convenient. It is thus that the block has now been generalized, serialized and standardized. When it comes to the material of the pulley, cast iron, nylon and steel plate welding are one of the essential materials, but when we consider what kind of pulley to choose in our factory, the weight of the pulley itself and the influence on the life of the wire rope are the primary factors to consider.

2. In the transmission device of the whole gantry crane, the wire rope device plays a decisive role, including pulling and transporting goods, which are realized by the wire rope. New type of gantry crane is equipped with new type of wire rope, the requirements must be high, in addition to the basic requirements, but also in line with the current high requirements and high performance.

3, usually shrinkage rope, output power, etc. are realized by the function of drum, gantry crane mechanism needs drum is usually cast drum. Usually the previous casting process determines the thickness of the cylinder wall, and the requirements are quite strict. If they do not meet the requirements, it will cause quite serious consequences. From the point of view of the transmission mechanism, the smaller the diameter of the drum, the more conducive to reducing the speed ratio of the reducer, so that you can choose a smaller reducer. But too small diameter, will inevitably make the force is not enough, affect the stability of the drum. In short, overall consideration, in addition to ensure the strength of the gantry crane drum, but also strive to small volume, moderate diameter and so on. But relatively speaking, the design of the drum is more selective, belonging to the type of structural design.

4, gantry crane lifting driving device is the motor, mainly used to pull goods, and the general lifting mechanism all use motor driving device, however, in the design of the motor to consider the weight and power and other related factors.

5, the function of the reducer is to decelerate at the same time to provide power energy for the transmission of goods, so the lifting mechanism of the gantry crane on the requirements of the reducer is relatively strict, not only the transmission is smooth, small noise can be, and can maximize the realization of the reducer computer new function, modern design method provides, can make the design parameters more accurate and more reasonable, Thus, the design quality and economic benefits have been improved.