Installation of European crane need to pay attention to matters

Published: 2023-04-28 79 Font size

What is the European standard lifting machinery? It mainly uses one or several relatively simple machines to form a mechanical structure to help people transport some items that cannot be moved. Normally, it is by a drum and a bunch of metal rope to carry out horizontal movement of goods, it is mainly used for loading and unloading of goods, and those who need to move building materials in the construction industry, so how to install before the European standard lifting machinery operation? Please see the following introduction.

Because the European standard lifting machinery is usually relatively large structure, and the mechanical structure is very complex, so it is difficult to achieve the overall transportation in transportation. Usually, the machinery is decomposed, then transported, transported to the use of the site and then assembled, so it is more convenient. Before the operation, we must carry out the correct installation to be able to use, only reflect the overall and personality of the lifting machinery, to be able to test whether the crane is intact and complete, whether it can work normally.

European crane must be in the stone cave site or open site operation, and the safety performance requirements for lifting machinery is very high, the safety device must be very perfect, but also to determine the installation of the correct, so that it can achieve reliable and accurate technical requirements. According to the importance of crane safety operation performance, or in order to be able to meet the requirements of various operations, must be carried out before the normal operation of lifting machinery no-load, full load and overload test, these tests should be carried out when the lifting machinery is in operation state. Crane wire rope and other parts, to see whether it has deformation and loosening after the initial load, if not, can be put into use.